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Tiny Tots:

Tamarak Country School's TINY TOTS program is a wonderful opportunity for parents/caregivers to meet and spend time with other adults and their children in a safe and nurturing environment. This class is one hour a week for children ages 6 months to 16 months to spend time with a parent or caregiver. Class includes time for socializing with other parents/caregivers of children of a similar age. Teacher led activities are designed to enhance cognitive, social/emotional and gross motor development.

Tamarak Tots:

Tamarak Country School's TAMARAK TOTS program is designed to enhance social interaction and play of children at an early age. This class is offered one or two times a week for children 16 to 23 months to spend time with a parent or caregiver and to explore new surroundings. It is a perfect way to introduce your child to new people, objects and settings in a safe and caring environment. Our goal is to allow you and your child to spend quality time together with other parents or caregivers and children while getting acclimated to a school setting.


Tamarak Country School's TWOS program is for children turning 2 by September 1st who are ready to transition beyond parent-child classes. This program is for children who are ready to begin socializing and discovering in a small, nurturing classroom setting. Our goal is to allow your child to develop a love of learning while becoming acclimated to the school setting and routing.
Student-teacher ratio is 5:1


Tamarak Country School's THREES program is for children turning 3 by September 1st. The goal is to provide a range of multi-sensory activities to develop social awareness, language acquisition, literacy and math development and fine and gross motor skills. Gaining independence and pride in their accomplishments are also important hallmarks of our Preschool Threes program.
Student-teacher ratio is 6:1

Hybrid Pre-Kindergarten:

Full Day Pre-Kindergarten:

Tamarak Country School’s PRE-KINDERGARTEN programs are for children turning 4 by September 1st. The goal of this program is to prepare your four or five year old for kindergarten while challenging their curious minds. This program has a continued focus on kindergarten readiness while enabling teachers to implement a developmentally appropriate play-based curriculum.
Student-teacher ratio is 7:1

Additional Learning Opportunities:

Included in many of our classes are Spanish, Music, Science and SEL Gross Motor Programming.

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