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Young Twos:

For children turning 3 between June 1 and August 31. The first four classes children and parent or caregiver come together. After the fourth class caregivers begin transitioning out of the classroom and then children participate on their own. Available Tuesday/Thursday mornings.
Student-teacher ratio is 4:1


For children turning 3 between September 1 and May 31 who are beyond moms and tots and ready to begin socializing and discovering in a nurturing, small classroom situation. Available two to five mornings a week.
Student-teacher ratio is 5:1


A warm, creative learning environment for 3-year olds, three to five mornings, afternoons per week as well as a full day option.
Student-teacher ratio is 6:1


A stimulating learning atmosphere, 5 days per week (mornings, afternoons or full day). This program is geared to getting 4 and 5-year-olds ready for kindergarten and challenging their curious minds.
Student-teacher ratio is 7:1

Additional Learning Opportunities:

Included in many of our classes are Spanish, Music with Miss Michelle and Jumpstart with Justin.

Extension programs are available two to five days a week for our Threes and Pre-Kindergarten students.

Stay and Play:

This extended hours program is offered to preschool and prekindergarten students. The Stay and Play morning children arrive at 9 am and stay until 12:45 PM. The Stay and Play afternoon children arrive at 11:30 AM and stay until 3:15 PM. Available one to five days per week and includes catered lunch.

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